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You will need an A4 spiral notebook, sticky tape and a glue stick. Design the front cover, leave the first 2-3 pages for a CONTENTS LIST (fill this out as you complete each unit) and number each page from here. Paste any additional material in with a glue stick or sticky tape so that all material can be read and seen...


A number of lessons have been designed for the 'Flipped classroom', where typically students review classroom 'lectures' at home, and undertake homework activities during class. The 'flipped' lessons in the Quantum Computing Program generally involve students viewing a short video and responding to some key questions at home.


All the lessons within the Quantum Computing Program have been designed to follow the GANAG lesson structure (see below). Note that time estimates have been included for each lesson to help you asses how much time you need to spend.

G - Goal

This is the learning goal for the lesson - what you need to understand and remember.

A - Access Prior Knowledge

What do you already know about the learning goal or topic?

N - New Information

This will introduce you to 'New' information, and the knowledge and skills you will need to practice and learn.

A - Application Task

Can you apply the new knowledge and skills?

G - Goal Review

What have you learned? Is it consistent with the original learning goal?