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Teacher Resources

This series of quantam computing lessons was created by educators at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre with the cooperation of AMES NASA.  It was designed with two purposes in mind: to serve as a formally-structured guide to teachers running a Quantum Computing course or as a self explanatory stand alone course for interested parties, either students or the general public. 

The following chapters provide firther information:

    Chapter 1     Overview

    Chapter 2.    Connections to the Australian National Curriculum Standards

    Chapter 3    Preparing to teach

    Chapter 4    Classroom sessions

    Chapter 5    Teacher resources

Chapter 1


General explanation of the context of the Quantum Computing program and its content. 

Chapter 2

Connections to the Australian National Curriculum Standards,

Provides links between the Quantum Computing course and nationally accepted standards.

Chapter 3

Preparing to Teach.

Explains the three teaching strategies on which the program is based. 

Chapter 4

Classroom sessions

Lists classroom sessions and explains pacing and the scaffolded nature of the program 

Chapter 5

Teacher Resources,

Summarises assessment, underlying ideas and final assessment.