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Teacher Resources

Classroom Sessions

The lesson plans for this unit are available from the Student link.  Though the language is student-directed, they provide sufficient information for teachers.  The course as provided here is self-sufficient: it is by no means necessary to be an "expert" on Quantum Computing. Teachers may well learn together with their students.

Timing of the lessons is flexible: teachers will know their class best and should pace the lessons accordingly. Though called 'lessons', modules vary in size and thus vary in duration. 

Please note that although timing of the course is flexible, the order of the lessons is  not.  Each consecutive lesson builds student understanding of computing and quantum mechanics so that knowledge and skills can be applied to the final research project..

Lesson 1:     Scientific Computing Application in the 21st Century

Lesson 2:     Fundamentals of Computing

Lesson 3:     Advances in Computing 

Lesson 4:     Introduction to Algorithms 

Lesson 5:     Computational Processing

Lesson 6:     Optimisation and Encryption

Lesson 7:     Young's Interference

Lesson 8:     Photoelectric Effect 

Lesson 9:     The Observer Effect

Lesson 10:     Superposition and Entanglement

Lesson 11:     Quantum Tunnelling

Lesson 12:     Qubits and Optimisation

Lesson 13:     Annealing (coming soon)

Lesson 14:     Quantum Computers

Lesson 15:     Application of Quantum Computing