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Lesson 15

Applications of Quantum Computing


To decide whether modelling using quantum computing will improve our knowledge and predictability of phenomena that cannot be solved by classical means.


Discuss the following guiding questions:

1. Looking back over the last few weeks, how will the development of quantum computational technologies aid in our understanding of how different phenomena affect us all?

2. Will quantum computing be the solution to all of mankind's difficult problems, or are there other solutions that will be able to be utilised? Explain in detail how quantum computing will greatly enhance our understanding of one specific application.

Play the videos:


Access the D-Wave website and investigate some of the main industries and their corresponding applications that would benefit from the development of quantum computing. Summarise the key ideas regarding quantum computing applications using an appropriate means of your choice

You can access the D-Wave website using the following links:


(60 mins)

Having read the information on the various potential applications of quantum computing from the D-Wave website, select one specific application of quantum computing that will have a major impact on society.

Thoroughly research this application, and then investigate both the theoretical and practical aspects that quantum computing will play in furthering the advancement of this application in the 21st century.

Please note, in this activity you will need to apply everything you have learnt during the course in your discussion of 21st century quantum computing applications.

Prepare a 10 minute class presentation outlining both the theoretical and practical aspects of quantum computing relating to your chosen application followed by a 5 minute Q & A session.

You will find Assessment - Application of Quantum Computing Presentation here.


(15 min)

After your presentation and the Q@A, you will complete a self-evaluation and reflection into the rigour of your presentation. You will also be provided with appropriate written and verbal feedback from your classroom teacher. Class reaction to your presentation will also enable you to self assess.