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Lesson 11

Quantum Tunneling

1. ACCESS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE - Flipped lesson

(8 min)

Prior to the lesson, fill in the Quantum Tunnelling Summary Frame worksheet (see below) while you watch the videos.

Use the Summary Frame to list the key terminology (and definitions), facts and examples presentedf in the video. Draw a representation of quantum tunnelling, and record any questions that the clips raise. (These questions will be addressed later in the lesson).


(2 mins) 

Explore the importance of Quantum mechanics in the development of a new type of computing and mobile phones.


(20 min) 

Watch the video:

What is Quantum Tunnelling? (8 min).

Watch the video:

Touch Screens & Quantum Tunnelling (7 min) 

Answer the following questions:

1. Why is it that electrons appear to be able to tunnel through barriers?

2. How does quantum tunnelling occur in the Sun?

3. The video mentions an Angstrom, which is one tenth of a nanometre. write an explanation of how small this size would be.


(20 mins)

Explore how tunnelling allows a particle to penetrate a barrier by completing the online module at the Concord Consortium 'Quantum Tunnelling.

Record your responses to the questions on the attached Quantum Tunnelling Module worksheet (see below).


(5 mins)

As a class, discuss your responses to the activities from the Application Task, and raise any further questions about Quantum Tunnelling.