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Connections to the Australian National Curriculum Standards

Australian National Curriculum

Key Concepts to include:
Advances in scientific understanding often rely on developments in technology and technological advances are often linked to scientific discoveries (ACSHE192)
Advances in science and emerging sciences and technologies can significantly affect people’s lives, including generating new career opportunities (ACSHE195)
The values and needs of contemporary society can influence the focus of scientific research (ACSHE230)

AusVels Performance Expectations

Science as a Human Endeavour
Outline an application of quantum computing that attempts to provide a response to a science-related problem, including any suggestions for refinement.
Analyse a contemporary scientific problem and identify how quantum computing can result in improved benefits for scientists and making suggestions for further refinements.

Quantum Computing Curriculum Outline

The following pages contain an overview of each lesson and the links to the Australian Curriculum standards.

This includes a brief statement of the lesson Goal, activities to Access Prior Knowledge, the method of delivering New Information and Application Activity and a brief description of the task that will be used to review student understanding.

This document is only a short summary of the lessons, for more information see the individual lesson plans in Chapter 4.